Featured: Kikuzu chan by Kahoko Sodeyama

March 1, 2013

Tokyo based illustrator/painter Kahoko Sodeyama uses a lot of paint in her artwork to create a surface like melted chocolate. She loves antique malls in the U.S. and treasures the knick-knacks she bought in flea markets during her travels. She recently started making artwork out of wood that she cuts by herself.
the making of Kikuzu-chan
When I travelled to the countryside of Los Angeles, underneath the blue sky, I passed by many unique signs along the road. Even after I came home I could not forget the presence those worn out wooden signs exuded. They were old, and weathered, and they were beautiful. I was inspired to make one of my own, so I started to make signs from cut wood. The motifs for my wooden “signs” are antique signs, people and buildings in the city. One thing I always keep true to is to always make a piece that I would want to hang in my room, and that I truly think is unique.
Kikuzu-chan came to life from left over wooden pieces that I collected while making wooden artwork. I had so much scrap wood after a while, and so I drew a face on one… and there it was – Kikuzu-chan was born! I paintedKikuzu-chan and put a face on her to make a brooch.
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