New: Cat Tipi

November 21, 2012

Cat Tipi was created by Los Angeles based Duo Megan Mah and Elan Bentov.  We asked Megan where they came up with the idea, “We built a human-sized teepee in our living room that was always occupied by our cat, Wren-so we decided to make her one of her own.”

Each tipi is designed and produced in Los Angeles, CA.

Cool in the summer and warm in the winter, tipis make the perfect all-season cat home. They have a secure and cozy fit while still offering enough space to comfortably host visitors whenever they come meowing. Most importantly, tipis have a perfect door to watch the horizon for the approach of friends and unsuspecting prey. Cat Tipis were made to match the personalities of cats – and they do.

Every cat should have its tipi.

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